Products and Services

Custom Integration Designs

Integrated designsare the perfect solution for women who have minor hair loss or thinning. Bella Hair Solutions creates an integration design that may be combined with a client's own natural hair to fill in areas of need. Perfect for clients experiencing female pattern hair loss, the hair integration system can be adapted for everyday use or extended wear, depending on the attachment method. Our integrated hairpieces will typically last from 9 months to one year, with proper recommended monthly maintenance provided by our professionals. Integration designs from Bella Hair Solutions start at $1,000.

Duplication Custom Hairpieces

A duplication system is a step beyond an integration design in that it provides more extensive scalp coverage. It will furnish a completely natural look, implementing an ultra-thin, breathable membrane combined with fine silk nylon to assure a secure hold and provide a "flowing from the scalp" appearance. Designed to be worn 24-hours a day, the natural appearance of the duplication hairpiece requires monthly maintenance by our professionals. Duplication systems from Bella Hair Solutions start at $1,000.

Hair Extensions

Our Hair Extensions are ideal for women seeking to embellish their own natural hair with added length, fullness and/or texture. Bella Hair Solutions provides only the highest quality human hair extensions, with prolonged application methods including strand-by-strand and lineal bonding, hand-tied wefts that bond directly to growing hair, without damaging existing natural hair. Our hair extensions typically last from 9 months to one year, with proper recommended monthly maintenance provided by our professionals. In addition, our hair extensions may be professionally removed and replaced without risk or harm to your natural hair. Hair extensions from Bella Hair Solutions start at $200.

Custom Fitted Wigs

Our custom fitted wigs provide the perfect solution for women and children with complete or nearly complete hair loss, typically resulting from a medical condition or treatment. Our full head prosthesis is available in either human or synthetic hair, with prices to accommodate your needs. All creations are handmade from the finest materials and are custom fitted and finished to assure complete comfort and satisfaction for your lifestyle needs. Complete daily wear maintenance instructions are provided, to ensure the long life of your wig. Wigs from Bella Hair Solutions start at $400.

In addition, Bella Hair Solution professionals are certified in Cyberhairâ„¢ application - which is of the highest quality manmade materials, creating a more durable and lighter than human hair wig.

Camouflage Makeup

Many times our camouflage makeup will provide the needed coverage for a scalp with thinning hair. With select creams and powders, formulated in a semi-permanent fashion these products provide effectiveness throughout your daily activities and provide just the right coverage for your needs.

Scalp Treatments

Our analysis will direct us to the correct treatments to restore a healthier look and feel for your scalp. We highly recommend Brisk - an ideal cooling antiseptic product that helps keep your scalp feeling refreshed.

Dietary Supplements

Bella Hair Solutions offers Phyto Dietary Supplements. Phytophanere is a dietary supplement for lifeless hair and weak, brittle nails. Super nutrients like carotene, wheat germ oil, and brewer's yeast nourish, protect and help maintain healthy hair and build strong nails.